About Bakestore.co.uk

Bakestore.co.uk is a family business. We are keen home bakers and wanted to share our love of making cakes, breads and so on with other enthusiasts and hopefully encourage some new people to give it a go.

My aim on starting Bakestore was to find the best products and to offer people the kind of service that I would like to receive. We test all the products and we won’t try and sell you anything that we don’t like. We don’t look for cheap things but for real value. As we have all been enjoying baking and making at home for years we know that value and price are different. We’ve all had cheap tins that everything sticks to, immediately go rusty in the dishwasher and go straight in the bin.  We’ve got no interest in stocking that kind of stuff and so we look for great quality products that prove their worth over time (most of our metal tins have a 20 year guarantee).

We want to share recipes that we love and we would be really pleased to hear from you with anything you are willing to share with others. We are always trying new things and learning too!

At Bakestore we have all had years of fun, relaxation and lovely food from our home baking hobby and we want to share that with everyone, whether you already feel the same or just want to give it a try (you’ll get hooked). Of course, sometimes things go wrong in the kitchen – your cake sinks, you drop the buns or the cat eats the muffins before you – but we truly believe it is a fantastic way to spend time happily and productively. Sometimes it can seem a bit solitary which is why we want to get all our customers to be our friends so that we can all share our tips and experiences so please join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Bakestore or on Twitter @Bakestorecouk.

We want to make sure you enjoy the site so please let us know if there is something you need that we do not have yet, a recipe you are looking for or anything else that we can improve.

Mathew Edmett


Mathew - Bakestore Founder

Mathew – Bakestore Founder

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